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Sample Schedule


Meal Times

  • Students attending a morning class or full day class have access to a free, district provided balanced breakfast. 

  • Full day students also have access to a free, district provided balanced lunch. Families provide a snack each day.

Practice Centers

  • Meaningful opportunities to integrate the week’s learning goals through active exploration and play. Children are given the chance to explore their interests, learn cooperatively, make their own choices, and develop independence. 

Small Groups
  • Purposeful and relevant small group activities focused on literacy, math and STEAM skill development.

Rest Time
  • During full day preschool classes, students are given 30 minutes to rest their bodies. They are not required to sleep but rather encouraged to relax and recharge their bodies to take on the rest of the afternoon.

Circle Time
  • This is a time for classrooms to develop relationships with each other, read stories, and build on social emotional strategies.